The University of Rome Tor Vergata welcomes applicants from all walks of life who are eager to gain the theoretical and practical expertise necessary to reach their goals.
All applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or a first degree laurea from an accredited College or University. Students graduating in May 2015 will be considered and must indicate the college, major and expected date of graduation in the application form. Graduates from a Music Conservatory are also welcome.
Interview with the Office of Admission might be required in some cases. To help you determine if our program is a good match for your professional and personal interests and goals, you can contact us at
The Master in SONIC ARTS can be completely achieved in online mode.
Deadline: March  16, 2016
*Please send the form (unsigned) in RTF format to with your CV.

We will contact via email the candidates ADMITTED to the program by March 17, 2016.

The cost of the enrollment is: 2200 euros + 16 euros (Italian Government Fee) + 130 euros (Fee for the parchment)

Accepted candidates will be able to enroll. The tuition is divided into two payments:

  • 1546 euros due by April 1, 2016 and
  • 800 euros due by April 28, 2016

Classes will start on  April 4 2016.

Students can also complete the program in 2 or 3 years.The cost of the enrollment is:• 3000 euros for students who complete the program in 2 years, as follows: 2200 euros (first year) + 800 euros (second year);
• 3800 euros for students who complete the program in 3 years, as follows: 2200 euros (first year) + 800 euros (second year) + 800 euros (third year)+ 16 euros per year (Italian Government Fee).

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